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Get Brian's Original Signature (12/17/07)

Paul of Dune -- New novel in Dune Series (12/17/07)

3 Brian Herbert Novels Newly Available (12/17/07)

Webdancers to be Released in 2008 (12/17/07)

Hardcover Edition of The Web and the Stars (12/17/07)

New Paperback Edition of Sydney's Comet Released (12/17/07)

Order Signed Copies of "Last Days of Krypton" Now (10/13/07)

"Last Days of Krypton" book tour schedule announced (9/21/07)

Sandworms eBook on sale now (9/7/07)

Orion UK will reissue original Dune series


Original movie props from "Dune" and "Children of Dune" are for sale.

Are you interested in taking a zero-gravity flight?

New DUNE Short Story Now Available for Downloading

More Dune Novels Announced

Kevin witnesses maiden voyage of SpaceShipOne interviews Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

Dreamer of Dune now in paperback

Interview Airs on NBC Nightly News

Who Needs a Desk Job? Writing Bestselling Novels While Hiking in Colorado's Mountains

Stephen Youll: The Opposite of Abstract

Landsraad Interview with Brian Herbert

scifidimensions Interview with Brian Herbert

Orion UK will reissue original Dune series

Dwight Stephen Pavlovic from Dune Forum conducts an interview with Brian Herbert

DUNE 7 Update

Byron Merritt writes about his grandfather in "Frank Herbert Lives"

Daniel Robert Epstein presents an exclusive interview with Brian Herbert

Kevin is interviewed by Claire E. White from Writers Write

Read Kevin and Brian's Machine Crusade Tour Weblog

Dune: The Machine Crusade is a National Bestseller

Children of Dune Miniseries Nominated for Awards

Dune 7 Update

DREAMER OF DUNE -- Frank Herbert Bio -- now available

Order a copy of Frank Herbert's Children of Dune miniseries.

Read The Anderson Tapes

Dune: The Butlerian Jihad is a National Bestseller

Frank Herbert's Grandson is New Author.

Dune 7 Announcement

Dr. Willis E. McNelly, editor of the Dune Encyclopedia, passed away on April 7, 2003.

"Children of Dune" Miniseries Premiered March 16, 2003

Brian Herbert Interviewed by the Landsraad Dune Site

Listen to the scifidimensions Interview with Brian Herbert

Limited-Edition Chapbook Available

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