The last DUNE novel Frank Herbert wrote before his death, CHAPTERHOUSE: DUNE, ends on a cliffhanger, the story obviously unfinished.

The success of HOUSE ATREIDES, HOUSE HARKONNEN, and HOUSE CORRINO, as well as the popularity of the Sci Fi Channel DUNE miniseries has brought countless new readers to Frank Herbert's marvelous universe.

The history of the epic Butlerian Jihad was the tale the fans most wanted to read. Brian and Kevin have published THE BUTLERIAN JIHAD, delivered the draft manuscript of THE MACHINE CRUSADE, and are beginning work on the final volume of the trilogy, THE BATTLE OF CORRIN.

While there are many more important stories to tell in the Dune universe, Brian and Kevin have decided that the next major project they will undertake -- the next story the fans want to read -- is "DUNE 7," based on a detailed outline Frank Herbert left in a safety deposit box before his death. A great deal of vital information has been set up in the first two prequel trilogies, and now a large readership -- who had never before finished reading HERETICS OF DUNE and CHAPTERHOUSE: DUNE -- is ready for the rest of the story after the end of CHAPTERHOUSE.

After publication of THE BATTLE OF CORRIN (Fall, 2004), while they prepare for "Dune 7," Brian and Kevin may publish an interim volume of short stories, selections from Frank Herbert's notes, and missing chapters from the original DUNE novels, which will be called THE ROAD TO DUNE.


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