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News Stories:

Unabridged Dune Book Available (8/17/08)

'Dune' saga continues: Read an interview with Brian by PETER LARSEN of The Orange County Register (8/17/07)

Covers from Croatia have been added to the Prelude to Dune Cover Gallery and Legends of Dune Cover Gallery

THE WEB and the STARS -- the second volume in Brian's epic solo SF trilogy will be released in December 2007

Read the new Sandworms of Dune Blog

List of Dune books published worldwide has been updated.(12/1/06)

Frank Herbert non-Dune books to be republished

Read an interview with Kevin about Hunters of Dune and
Sandworms of Dune on the SCI-FI Wire

Frank Herbert's Non-Dune Novels Reprinted

"Dune Genesis" by Frank Herbert

Dune First Edition Missing! A letter from Brian Herbert


Kevin posts blog series on "How To Increase Your Writing Productivity"

Read "Kevin's Eleven" on MySpace-- eleven no-nonsense tips
on getting writing done on a busy schedule.

Kevin's Epic SF Series: SAGA OF SEVEN SUNS


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