A letter from Brian Herbert


In the early 1970's, during my careless youth, I loaned a first edition hardcover copy of Dune to a friend. The book was signed and personalized to me by my father, and may have included the familiar reference to me as "Number One Son."  Through a series of mishaps, including a divorce that my friend went through, the book disappeared. It may have traveled with his ex-wife to Europe. I am sure that none of this was intentional on his part, but the missing book has always left an empty place in my heart, especially since my father passed away in 1986. 

If anyone has seen this family memento, I would appreciate your assistance in returning it to me. If this can be accomplished, I would be forever grateful, and would thereafter bestow upon you the official title of "Number One Dune Fan," along with other honors, and perhaps even a reasonable reward.

You can write to me care of our official Dune website at dunenews@dunenovels.com


Brian Herbert
Seattle, Washington
October 4, 2002

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