Listen to Podcasts of Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson on the Sci-Fi Talk Website

'Dune' saga continues

Read an interview with Brian by PETER LARSEN of The Orange County Register (8/17/07)

Read an interview with Kevin about Hunters of Dune and
Sandworms of Dune on the SCI-FI Wire

Read an Interview with Byron Merritt

Interview Airs on NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News interviewed Brian about his well-received nonfiction book, THE FORGOTTEN HEROES, which is the story of the plight of World War II merchant seamen.  The interview aired on May 24, 2005. interviews Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson about The Battle of Corrin.

Brian and Kevin are Interviewed by the Russian magazine "The World of Science Fiction"

You can also read the interview on the Central Russian Portal of  Dune.

Kevin Attends Maiden Launch of SpaceShipOne

Kevin was a VIP observer for the maiden launch of SpaceShipOne, the first US commercial spaceship launched to orbit.

Before Dune, After Frank Herbert interviews Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson about their collaboration in the Dune universe.

Interview with Kevin J. Anderson

Ian Ascher from talks to Kevin about everything from his very first novel, Resurrection Inc., to his latest work on Dune, The Saga of Seven Suns, and Grumpy Old Monsters.

Interview with Kevin J. Anderson

Byron Merritt from the Fiction Writers of Monterey Peninsula interviews Kevin J. Anderson.

Interview with Brian Herbert

Byron Merritt interviews Brian Herbert in the January 5, 2004 edition of Science Fiction Weekly.

Sand in My Shoes

Sandy Auden, Sci-Fi UK, interviews Brian and Kevin about the challenges of expanding Frank Herbert's Dune universe. (November 2003)

Interview with Brian Herbert

Dwight Stephen Pavlovic from Dune Forum conducts an interview with Brian Herbert. (PDF)

Interview with Brian Herbert

Daniel Robert Epstein, contributing editor to UnderGroundOnline, presents an exclusive interview with Brian Herbert.

A Conversation With Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin is interviewed by Claire E. White from Writers Write, the Internet Writing Journal. (September-October 2003)

Interview with Byron Merritt

Dwight Stephen Pavlovic from Dune Forum interviews with Byron Merritt -- Frank Herbert's grandson.

Frank Herbert Lives

Read Byron Merritt's story about his grandfather, Frank Herbert, on The Zone.

The Anderson Tapes

Stephen Hunt (SF Crowsnest) talks to Kevin about his Dune prequel novels, The Saga of Seven Suns, and why we've come a long way from bug-eyed monsters slavering over scantily clad women on the garish covers of old magazines. (February 2003)

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