Interview Airs on NBC Nightly News

As many of you know, Brian Herbert wrote a well-received nonfiction book, THE FORGOTTEN HEROES, about the plight of World War II merchant seamen. The United States Merchant Marine suffered more battle casualties per capita than any of the armed forces, but were unfairly denied benefits after the war, because they were civilians. 

Brian is working closely with USMM leaders to get a bill passed in the U.S. Congress (H.R. 23) to provide benefits for surviving seamen and their families. NBC Nightly News flew a reporter and a camera crew out to interview Brian for a segment on their national news program, which aired on May 24, 2005. 

Earlier, the U.S. Maritime Commission also flew a representative out to Brian's house from Washington, D.C. to do a video documentary on the USMM. In addition, Brian has been interviewed by radio stations all over the country for this worthy cause, and more than 35 million listeners have heard the compelling story. 

(Anyone wishing to help with this effort can contact the USMM Just Compensation Committee at 800-545-4173.)

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