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Book 1: Time Web

Book 3: Webdancers


Book 2 of the Timeweb Chronicles

In the first volume of the Timeweb Chronicles -- best-selling author Brian Herbert introduced his readers to Timeweb, a fantastically beautiful galactic web that is an immense canvas of space and time connecting the entire galaxy. This cosmic filigree connects solar systems and other celestial bodies, and acts as a transportation infrastructure on which enigmatic, sentient spacecraft (podships) travel at faster-than-light speeds. But the vast infrastructure is disintegrating, threatening to send the entire galaxy tumbling into oblivion. The fate of mankind depends on the heroic galactic ecologist, Noah Watanabe.

Now in the second volume, The Web and the Stars, the multiplanet Human empire of merchant princes is engaged in an ongoing war against the Mutatis, a dangerous race of shapeshifters. Noah has put a defensive plan into effect to prevent the Mutati Kingdom from using a doomsday weapon to blow up Human-controlled planets. He also has a paranormal ability to journey into the depths of the universe. But despite his altruistic efforts, Noah has made dangerous enemies of his own kind.

While the galaxy is disintegrating and Humans and Mutatis are involved in various intrigues and battles, another force secretly plots to destroy the two galactic races. This is the powerful HibAdu Coalition, comprised of treacherous former allies of the merchant princes and the shapeshifters. The Coalition has perfected the manufacture of artificial podships (lab-pods), for the delivery of their own military attacks. It is their goal to conquer both empires, and divide the spoils of war.

At the suspense-filled conclusion of Book Two, Noah leads the most important military venture in the history of the galaxy, but additional, unimagined perils await him. . . .

Hardcover: 531 pages
Publisher: Five Star (December 12, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1594142173
ISBN-13: 978-1594142178


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