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Book 2: The Web and the Stars

Book 3: Webdancers


Herbert demonstrates his skill as a convincing storyteller with a talent for creating intriguing alien species
and admirable heroes.

-- Library Journal, on Timeweb

Book 1 of the Timeweb Chronicles

Brian Herbert has created Timeweb, a universe of wondrous possibilities that is populated by sentient spaceships, shapeshifters, intriguing robots, and miniature aliens with mysterious powers. The Human race is a mercantile society that has spread throughout the galaxy, ruled by wealthy merchant princes who live in regal, profligate splendor, but are totally unaware of another dominion just beneath the surface of the galaxy, one that threatens to break open and hurl everything into chaos.

Galactic ecologist Noah Watanabe is a heroic, revolutionary thinker, but the causes of a strange, cosmic disintegration are mind-boggling to him, far beyond anything he can possibly solve on his own. Embarking on an epic journey to restore the ancient balances of the crumbling galaxy, Noah must work with warring, alien races that are millions of years old, in a desperate attempt to unravel secrets about the early days of the universe that could hold the solution to a vast celestial puzzle.

Part of the answer may lie in Noah tapping into his own undiscovered powers.

But to do so he must learn to negotiate the mysteries of Timeweb, a fantastically beautiful galactic web that can only be seen in certain states of consciousness. This cosmic filigree, an immense canvas of space and time, connects solar systems and other celestial bodies, and acts as a transportation infrastructure on which enigmatic, sentient spaceships travel at faster-than-light speeds.

Timeweb can also be used for instantaneous communication across space, but the galactic races have barely tapped into its potential . . .until Noah begins to do that very thing, setting the stage for a power struggle that will envelop the very cosmos itself.

Hardcover: 555 pages
Publisher: Five Star (May 3, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1594142165
ISBN-13: 978-1594142161

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