3 Brian Herbert Novels Newly Available


Many of Brian’s Dune-series fans will also be interested in his other books, some of which explore themes that are similar to those in the Dune novels.  If your local bookstore does not have them in stock, they can be ordered from amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com

THE RACE FOR GOD (October 2007)

Re-Release of Epic 1990 Novel
Cosmos Mass Market Paperback:  $6.99 U.S. (also available in UK)
ISBN-10: 0-8439-5910-X and ISBN-13: 978-0-8439-5910-9
Wildside Trade Paperback ($14.95 U.S.)
ISBN-10: 0-8095-5640-5 and ISBN-13: 978-0-8095-5640-3

“Brian Herbert has an imagination as fertile as any at work in science fiction today.” -- Fantasy Review, on The Race For God


THE WEB AND THE STARS (December 2007)

Book 2 in the Timeweb series
Five Stars Hardcover: $25.95 U.S. ISBN: 978-1-59414-217-8

“Herbert demonstrates his skill as a convincing storyteller with a talent for creating intriguing alien species and admirable heroes.”  -- Library Journal, on Timeweb


SIDNEY’S COMET (January 2008)

Re-Release of Acclaimed 1983 Novel
Wildside Trade Paperback: $12.95 U.S. ISBN: 0-8095-5768-1

“Brian Herbert’s work is unusually inventive and original.  He displays real talent.” -- Publishers Weekly, on Sidney’s Comet



Dreamer of Dune (Hugo-nominated biography of Frank Herbert)
Tor Trade Paperback:  $16.95 U.S. ISBN: 0-765-30647-6

Timeweb (Book 1 in the Timeweb series)
Five Stars Hardcover: $25.95 U.S. ISBN: 1-59414-216-5

The Forgotten Heroes (Heroic story of US Merchant Marine)
Forge Trade Paperback: $14.95 U.S. ISBN: 0-765-30707-3

Dune series sequels and prequels (with Kevin J. Anderson)
See www.dunenovels.com


(Posted: 12/17/07)

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