Re-Release of Acclaimed 1983 novel

Wildside Trade Paperback: $12.95 U.S.
ISBN: 0-809-55768-1

In the 27th century, consumerism, industrialization, and overpopulation have reached such immense proportions that there is no longer room on Earth for garbage or human bodies, all of which must be catapulted into outer space. It’s a utopian society, until the forms into a fiery garbage comet that hurtles back toward the planet like an avenging angel, threatening to wipe everything out. Lowly office worker Sidney Malloy has always dreamed of being in the Space Patrol, but has not been able to apply because of a physical handicap that would not only disqualify him but would make him subject to banishment to an orbital facility if his disability was ever discovered. Despite this, Sidney embarks on a heroic, perilous quest to save the planet. . . .

“Brian Herbert’s work is unusually inventive and original. He displays real talent.” -- Publishers Weekly, on Sidney’s Comet


Timeweb (Book 1 in Timeweb series) ISBN: 1-594-14216-5
The Web and the Stars (Book 2 in Timeweb series) ISBN: 1-594-14217-3
The Race For God (Hilarious 1990 space epic) ISBN: 0-843-95910-X
Dreamer of Dune (Biography of Frank Herbert) ISBN: 0-765-30647-6
The Forgotten Heroes (Story of US Merchant Marine) ISBN: 0-765-30707-3
Dune series novels (with Kevin J. Anderson)

If your local bookstore does not have Brian’s books in stock, they can be ordered from or

(Posted: 12/17/07)

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