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The father/son team of Academy Award-winning Costume Designer Theodor Pistek and son, Jan Pistek, again dress the cast in incredible costumes. As photography for both Dune and Children of Dune took place in their hometown of Prague in the Czech Republic, they had an easy commute to work. The celebrated Theodor Pistek is a close friend of Czech President Vaclav Havel and has designed the country's military uniforms since independence. 

When asked about the differences between the two miniseries, the senior Pistek answered, "It should be a rule that every new job is more challenging than the previous one. It was inevitable-and necessary-to take that which I learned from working on Frank Herbert's Dune, and apply it to Children of Dune. There is a great continuity between them, but new work as well." He added, "The cast was very cooperative, especially Susan Sarandon. She was great to work with. She's beautiful, professional, and very patient."

Jan Pistek commented, "On this miniseries, I had much more responsibility day to day compared with working on Frank Herbert's Dune. This time around, I worked side by side as well as independently of my father. Working with him makes me work harder because my sense of accountability is heightened. In fact, I enjoy working under the intense scrutiny and pressure. That's when the end result is most personally satisfying."


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