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The bottom line according to Rubinstein, "I'm really thankful to the team on both sides of the camera that realized this show. I launched the ship but everyone else has to sail it, which is a bigger feat. I'm excited about the results and look forward to seeing Children of Dune premiere next March.

It's faithful to the books, it has the right attitude and it stands on its own. It's not a sequel by traditional definition in much the same way the second and third Lord of the Rings movies are not sequels. It is the second part of an epic story and the miniseries format is very simpatico to long, complicated stories."


Alec Newman
Julie Cox
Edward Atterton
Ian McNeice
Barbara Kodetova
Steven Berkoff
Daniela Amavia
P.H. Moriarty
James McAvoy
Jessica Brooks
Jonathan Bruun
Rik Young
Martin McDougall
Gee Williams

with Alice Krige and Susan Sarandon

Casting by Lynn Kressel, C.S.A.
Music by Brian Tyler
Costume Designer - Jan Pistek
Costume Supervisor - Theodor Pistek
Visual Effects Supervisor - Ernest Farino
Editor - Harry B. Miller, III
Production Designer - Ondrej Nekvasil
Director of Photography - Arthur Reinhart
Co-Producer - John Harrison
Produced by David Kappes
Executive Producer - Richard P. Rubinstein
Written for the screen by John Harrison
Directed by Greg Yaitanes


Brave New Digital World Scenes

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