Monday, December 17, 2007


News from Brian

Brian has a lot of news to share with his fans.  Some of his great old books are being reprinted, the last volume in his new Timeweb Series will be out next year, and he and Kevin are working hard on their next great Dune book, Paul of Dune.

There's too much news to put it all into this blog entry, so please read more at the links below.

If you haven't read some of Brian's earlier books check these out:

3 Brian Herbert Novels Newly Available

Sidney's Comet -- New Paperback Edition

Keep up with Brian's latest solo work:

The Web and the Stars (Book 2 in the Timeweb Series)

Web Dancers (Book 3 in the Timeweb Series)

Here's what's happening in the world of Dune:

Paul of Dune -- New novel in the epic Dune Series

Don't miss this great offer:

Brian Herbert's Original Signature Available

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