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Monday, August 20, 2007


Sandworms TV Ad

Many of you have written us notes to say you've seen the television ad for SANDWORMS on Sci-Fi Channel and elsewhere. Here's a link to the commercial, if you'd like to watch it on your computer.

Last night we recorded a long interview for SF show, "Hour 25". This morning we had a very pleasant breakfast with John Harrison, the writer and director of Frank Herbert's Dune miniseries and writer of the Children of Dune miniseries. Afterward, we went to a bookseller's luncheon in LA, then into a recording studio to do an audio interview with Scott Brick for Audio Renaissance, then back to our hotels to do a phone interview with Sci Fi Talk radio, and now we're off to tonight's signing in West Hollywood.

And we just learned that SANDWORMS OF DUNE debuts at 3 on the Publisher's Weekly bestseller list.

-- KJA


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