Sandworms of Dune

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Click here to hear Kevin read
Chapter 2 of Sandworms of Dune

(8500 kb MP3 file)

Sandworms of Dune -- Chapter 2

Attached is an .mp3 file of me reading the second chapter of SANDWORMS OF DUNE. The publisher is promising to get me the file of the final typeset version, and I will post the text as soon as I have it. (As I've explained previously, Brian and I have done four hardcopy iterations of changes, in handwriting, which have been incorporated into the final typesetting, so my current electronic file is very out of date.)

Also, I still have plenty of the SANDWORMS post-it notepads available. If you're interested, please send a stamped envelope, per the instructions in the May 11 blog entry.

-- KJA


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