Sandworms of Dune

Friday, May 11, 2007


Sticky Sandworms 

As a promotional item for SANDWORMS OF DUNE, Tor Books has printed up sticky-note pads, approximately 3" x 5", featuring the cover of the book. They've just sent me boxes of the sticky notepads to distribute at conventions and book signings. However, I think Dune fans -- especially the loyal dunenovels blog readers -- should be able to get one of these pads for themselves.

I have set aside a batch of the sticky notepads for you guys. I'll send one pad free to each of you who mails me a self-addressed business-size envelope with 41 cents postage (yes, the rate increase goes into effect on Monday) -- in *stamps*, not postage meter. US only please. Send to:

PO Box 767
Monument CO 80132

-- KJA


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