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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Frank Herbert "Dune" Audios 

Brian and I announced last year that Audio Renaissance -- the producers of the audiobooks of all the new DUNE novels -- would be releasing new spoken adaptations of Frank Herbert's original classics. At last, for all of the many listeners who have demanded fresh unabridged recordings of the long-unavailable Dune Chronicles, Audio Renaissance is announcing the first release, as well as a contest for free audiobooks.

They've asked me to post the following:

Dear Dune fans,

Audio Renaissance is extremely excited to present the launch of our new website, This site is dedicated to the audiobooks in the Dune series and features audio clips, narrator info, and, most importantly, sweepstakes to go along with the release of each new book! For the release of Frank Herbert's original, classic Dune, we're hosting a sweepstakes with great prizes, including the new recording of Dune! So what are you waiting for? Head over to for all the details and enter to win today!

Sincerely, The Team

-- KJA


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