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Sunday, May 20, 2007



Multiprocessing, Again 

The last two weeks have been full of colliding projects. I had sent Brian Herbert the "skeleton outline" of PAUL OF DUNE, which he looked over while going over the copy-edited manuscript of TIMEWEB #2. Rebecca and I worked frantically to finish the first draft edit of CRYSTAL DOORS #3, which we delivered to Little, Brown publishers on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, I received the copy-edited manuscript for LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON back from DC Comics and HarperCollins. Because this book has to go through so many approvals, each round of reading and editing generates another set of revisions. I had to read the 500-page manuscript again (the tenth time) and make changes requested by the editors, as well as combing over every line on the hardcopy. I delivered that manuscript on Wednesday.

And in a few spare moments, I continued writing THE ASHES OF WORLDS, "Saga of Seven Suns #7." I have finished 130 of the 152 chapters, so I'm in the home stretch and should be done writing it before the end of May. Now that I've cleared the CRYSTAL DOORS and KRYPTON projects off the desk, I can concentrate on the last chapters of ASHES and expanding the PAUL OF DUNE outline (which Brian and I will begin writing in June).

-- KJA


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