Saturday, February 28, 2009



New Dune Title

After brainstorming together, Brian and I have decided to change the title of JESSICA to THE WINDS OF DUNE. We think it better conveys the large scope of the story, the epic feel of the novel, rather than implying it's just a small story about one person. Jessica is still the prominent character, but she isn't the only character and the story covers a lot of ground.

Along similar lines, and for similar reasons, we are also going to change the next Dune book from IRULAN to THE THRONE OF DUNE. But don't look for that one until 2011.

TWITTER UPDATES -- I have also begun posting regular news and updates via Twitter. You can follow me as "TheKJA" and you'll get the first notice of new things (such as this title change) well before I get around to writing and posting a blog about it.

Now back to the final polish of JESSICA...er, I mean THE WINDS OF DUNE.

-- KJA


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