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Saturday, March 24, 2007



Seven Suns #7

Now that I've finished dictating the first 75 (out of 150) chapters in the final volume in "The Saga of Seven Suns," I decided it's about time to choose a proper title. A while ago I asked my readers on MySpace for help brainstorming the title and I received a large number of wonderful suggestions. The title I have chosen is THE ASHES OF WORLDS, which I think sounds like an epic culmination of a grand saga.

Book 6, METAL SWARM, will be released in the UK this July. However, the US edition has been shifted to a December release. In the publishing world, Warner Aspect (the previous book line) has been bought out by the Hachette Book Group and is being combined with their "Orbit" science fiction line, and so many schedules are being rearranged. I'm sorry for the delay -- *I* delivered the book on time! (As a fan, I hate it when authors are late.)

In the meantime, Orbit has sent the following text that will appear on the dust jacket of the US edition.


(if you haven't read Book 5, OF FIRE AND NIGHT)

"[The Saga of Seven Suns] weaves action, romance and science with a rousing plot reflecting the classic SF of Clarke and Herbert and the glossy cinematic influence of Lucas and Spielberg." -- Publishers Weekly

The Saga of Seven Suns is a galaxy-spanning SF epic, packed with politics, war, family intrigues and star-crossed lovers.


For years, the alien Klikiss robots have pretended to be humanity's friends, but their seeming "help" allowed them to plant an insidious Trojan Horse throughout the Earth Defense Forces. Now, in the aftermath of a devastating war, swarms of ancient black robots built by the lost insectoid Klikiss race continue their depredations on helpless worlds with stolen and heavily armed Earth battleships.

Among the humans, the empire's brutal Chairman struggles to crush any resistance even as King Peter breaks away to form his own new Confederation among the colonies who have declared their independence.

And meanwhile, the original, voracious Klikiss race, long thought to be extinct, has returned, intent on conquering their former worlds and willing to annihilate anyone in the way.

Book 5 in the Saga of Seven Suns, Of Fire and Night, is published in mass-market in November '07.

-- KJA


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