Wednesday, March 11, 2009


"Winds of Dune" Final Ms. Delivered

Monday I delivered the tenth and final draft of WINDS OF DUNE to Tor for production. At 140,000 words it's slightly shorter than PAUL OF DUNE; Brian and I really worked hard to make this as tight as possible. Quite a relief to get this off the desk . . . But we're not done yet. Next, we'll receive the copy-edited manuscript so we both can go over the copy-editor's marks, and after that we receive the typeset galleys to proofread. And then we'll start doing the interviews, book signings, and other promotion as soon as the novel is published in August.

Well before that, though, we'll start brainstorming, world-building, and outlining the first HELLHOLE novel, which is next up on our list of collaborative projects.

As for me, now that WINDS is in production, I've got several major projects and a handful of smaller ones I'll be talking about frequently in upcoming blogs -- ENEMIES & ALLIES, the Batman/Superman novel comes out in hardcover from Morrow on May 5; the first "Terra Incognita" novel, THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, comes out in trade paperback from Orbit on June 5 and the companion "Terra Incognita" rock CD BEYOND THE HORIZON comes out about a month before that; and then WINDS OF DUNE comes out in hardcover from Tor in the US and trade paperback from Simon & Schuster UK in August.

-- KJA

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