Friday, December 12, 2008




Kevin's 2009 Mountain Calendar

Many of you know that I do most of my original writing while I'm out hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains near my home.

My brother-in-law Tim and I have climbed all 54 of Colorado's peaks higher than 14,000 ft and we've hiked more than three hundred miles of the Colorado Trail. Along the way I have dictated my half of eleven DUNE novels, all seven "Saga of Seven Suns" books, Slan Hunter, and numerous other projects.

This year, Tim and I have produced a beautiful full-color calendar with our own photographs as well as original writing, personal stories about our experiences in the mountains. Though we created it as a special gift for friends and family, we printed and autographed a limited quantity of the calendars, which I can offer to fans. These are large-format (11 X 17) on heavy paper, full color, spiral bound. You can order a copy direct from anderzoneshop.com (along with some other unique collectible items that may be of interest to fans).

-- KJA


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