Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Marching Onward

I'm in the airport now, leaving LA after the end of the first phase of our PAUL OF DUNE tour. Brian should be boarding the train around now to head back home for Seattle. I'll be continuing the tour at several other cities, while Brian continues his editing on the first draft of JESSICA OF DUNE.

We learned from the publisher that the print run for PAUL OF DUNE has been increased by about 20% from our previous high number, so you should be able to see copies in bookstores everywhere.

In the Los Angeles area we had a very crowded booksigning at the Huntington Beach B&N, even though we were up against the first presidential debate (I guess people are tired of politics by now). The next day, after doing several dropby signings in area bookstores, we had lunch with our excellent audio reader Scott Brick and his girlfriend, actress Wendy Carter, at their home, then we were off to Dark Delicacies in Burbank for the afternoon signing, and some more dropby signings. At night, Brian and Jan, Rebecca and I had dinner with John Harrison and his wife Leslie; John is the scriptwriter for both Sci-Fi Channel miniseries and the director of DUNE, and we discussed all the various Dune books. The next day, we did a panel and autograph session at the West Hollywood Book Fair with fellow authors Larry Niven and Harry Turtledove, then spent the afternoon at more dropby signings. At the signings, the fans are thrilled to get their gummi sandworms and their PAUL t-shirts.

Now, for 20 hours at home -- plus a booksigning in Denver tonight -- before I leave again -- Nashville tomorrow.

-- KJA


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