Friday, September 26, 2008


Continuing the Tour

In the San Francisco area, we certainly covered a lot of bookstores. We had formal signings at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, then Books, Inc. in Mountain View, and at Bay Books in Half Moon Bay, with great crowds at each. Brian and I also stopped by a lot of other bookstores to meet the managers and sign stock. We went to eight stores on Wednesday, seven stores on Tuesday. We had a radio satellite tour set up, a dozen radio interviews in quick succession one morning (starting at 6 AM), but the interview center had a power outage, forcing the tour to be rescheduled, and we each crawled back into bed.

Yesterday we headed south to LA. Rebecca and I caught a quick flight to LA, while Brian and Jan intended to take the train . . . Unfortunately, at 8:50 AM the train was already three hours late, which would have gotten him into his hotel room well after midnight; instead, Brian just rented a car and drove for six hours. Meanwhile, Rebecca and I had a very pleasant lunch with John Harrison the writer and director of the Sci-Fi Channel DUNE miniseries, and that evening we had a long, relaxing dinner with my friend Neil Peart, the drummer from Rush, and his wife Carrie. (Usually when we see each other, it's at one of his concerts, or I'm on a tight schedule; this time we actually were able to have a long conversation.)

Right now, Brian and I are in the middle of a 9-city TV satellite tour. We're at a TV communication center, on a break between Raleigh, NC and Palm Springs. This afternoon we meet with some of the people involved in the Paramount Dune film, and tonight another signing at Huntington Beach.

And yesterday we learned that PAUL OF DUNE has hit the New York Times bestseller list -- that's all nine of our novels so far.

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-- KJA


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