Wednesday, May 7, 2008



Most of my fans know that I have long been a fan of audio books, both as a listener and as adaptations of my own work. My books have been available in unabridged (and some abridged) formats from Books on Tape, Recorded Books, Brilliance, Tantor, MacMillan, Audio Renaissance, and BDD Audio. Now audible.com has made many of these available for direct download as MP3 files.

Many of the new DUNE novels are available in this format. The first three "Seven Suns" books are in audio format from Recorded Books and have been available from audible.com, but the fans have been writing me repeatedly to ask when Books 4, 5, and 6 (published in audio from Brilliance) would be available to audible.com subscribers. They have finally come online, so listeners can hear the unabridged versions of the first six volumes.

CRYSTAL DOORS, SLAN HUNTER, and some of my STAR WARS novels are also available. See a complete listing of my titles.

For years, my personal complaint with audiobooks is that publishers have offered a very limited library of SF/F titles. Audible.com has just greatly expanded their genre library. Here's an excerpt from their recent press release: "Journey to a 'world beyond words' with Audible Sci-Fi & Fantasy. Check out Audible for exclusive access to your authors and exclusive commentary. In addition, the new imprint, Audible Frontiers which features new and sometimes previously unavailable audiobooks made available for the first time in audio." See the audible.com homepage for details.

Keep listening.

-- KJA

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