Monday, May 5, 2008

A Dune Anniversary -- May 5

Eleven years ago, May 5, 1997, was the first time I met Brian Herbert.

After speaking with him several times on the phone to discuss the possibility of new DUNE projects, Rebecca and I flew up to Seattle, WA, to meet him in person. Brian and his wife Jan met us at the SeaTac airport and, after we gathered our luggage, they took us to a Cinco de Mayo party in downtown Seattle with some of their friends. During that weekend, we brainstormed the entire "Prelude to Dune" trilogy and began the work of writing a proposal to send to the editors in New York.

Ten books ago...

In just a few weeks, we'll be flying out again to meet with Brian so that the two of us can get to work on the detailed chapter-by-chapter plotting of JESSICA OF DUNE for next year.

PAUL OF DUNE is currently in production and is due to be released in the US on September 16.

Our book-signing tour for 2008 is currently being put together. So far it looks like Brian and I will be doing the west coast together, as usual, and then I will spend an extra couple of weeks hitting additional cities in the midwest and southeast. We don't know the specific cities yet.

If you would like to have your name in the database so we send you a personal reminder postcard if we're doing a signing in your area, please send us an e-mail with your *mailing address* (not e-mail address) to anderzone@wordfire.com.

-- KJA

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