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Friday, July 6, 2007


Hunters of Dune Released in Paperback 

While I'm buried in editing and writing, watching the usual Looming Deadlines, I don't often pay attention to when the paperback reprints of books come out. Brian's wife Jan just returned from a vacation in California and she called excitedly to say she had spotted the paperback of HUNTERS OF DUNE on the bestseller racks of the San Francisco Airport and SeaTac Airport bookstores. Neither of us had even realized that the book was out, but apparently we're #11 at several stores and #13 at others.

Since most die-hard DUNE fans buy the hardcovers as soon as they come out, so far only HOUSE CORRINO had also hit the bestseller lists in paperback. But HUNTERS seems to be doing extremely well. (I hope the publisher sends me a few copies soon!)

Also, recently posted a story about the hottest pre-ordered titles. Thanks to you guys, SANDWORMS OF DUNE is one of the top contenders. Don't forget to pre-order here.

And now back to the big finale battle in Seven Suns #7...

-- KJA


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