In digging through Frank Herbert's boxes of manuscripts, papers, and correspondence, we found far more material than we could include in THE ROAD TO DUNE. Here, as the publication of ROAD grows closer, we will be adding a selection of some of the writings that did not make the final cut, but which we feel are still of great interest to dedicated DUNE fans.

The following is a brief biography that Bev Herbert wrote for Frank before the original publication of DUNE:


Written by Beverly Herbert before the publication of DUNE

Age 45/born Tacoma, Wash.

Ex-newspaperman (Seattle P-I; Tacoma Times; Salem, Ore., Statesman; Santa Rosa, Calif., Press-Democrat; San Francisco Examiner)

Hobbies: Fishing, swimming, sailing, flying.

Married/three children/daughter, Penelope; sons, Brian and Bruce. Wife/Beverly

Wrote his first story at age 8. Frank: "It was godawful."

Sold first story at age 17. Frank: "The pseudonym and publisher remain my dark secret. I'll only admit that it was a Western."

Has traveled extensively in Latin America, including a memorable junket through Mexico with Jack and Norma Vance.

Frank says this is long enough, that no one wants to read a lot of stupid details about his life. He's really a rather shy person who goes through hell whenever he has to face a crowd, and this is like facing a crowd for him.

We also found several sheets of paper on which Frank Herbert had outlined an opera adaptation of DUNE, including suggestions for songs. The outline was handwritten and very rough; apparently, Frank did not pursue the idea further.


Open with Paul against a gauzy background:

Child sings, "When I was a boy." 

Older child sings, "When I was a boy." 

Third, older child sings, "When I was a boy." 

Concludes with a trio, all three ages.


Song Ideas: 

Duet with Jessica, "My Duke is dead." 
Paul: "He is dead, my father is dead."

"Ride the Worm"

"Chani Beloved"

Duet with Baron and Piter: 
     Baron: "Why do they hate me?" 
     Piter: "Why do they hate you?"

Shaddam: "I am Shaddam, I am Emperor of the Universe."

Chani: "I love this man. Not a god, but a man." 
Chani: "Carry me to ecstasy."

Paul: "Do not go there, Beloved! Into the future-"

(A matter of speed [in Time] to go faster into the Future)

Chani & Paul, duet, in oasis setting, moonlight 
     Paul: "Dunes-the dunes, the dunes as far as the eye can see." 
     Chani: "This lovely land. . ."

Hawat: "Keep me from evil. Deliver me from evil."

Paul: "We throw our reality onto the Universe like a net-and when the net fdalls, defining the shape within it-what happens when the shape fails to meet our expectations?"

Idaho: "A sword is a sword is a sword. 
     "A man is a man, etc. 
     "A boy is a boy, etc." 
Halleck: "A mood is a mood, etc." 
Hawat: "A mind is a mind, etc."

Paul: "Why was I born? I was born for this-born to rule." 
Jessica: "Why was I born? Born to love."

Paul and Alia duet 
Paul: "I am an old, old man. Many lives have I. This world, this dirt beneath my feet. What must I predict?"
Alia: "You look at me and see what is not. This child was never a child."

Battle scene, chorus: "We are Fremen."

Stilgar: "Dust falls upon me, beautiful dust. I have seen a worm, long as a ship of space, Old Man of the Desert."

Minor key lament: 
"This cup of spice-it will carry me far. 
I will abandon my flesh, live another's life, around another star. 
Melange, they call it-melange, melange!"


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