Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Last Signings

After a month of doing booksignings all around the country, I have finally started to catch my breath. Rebecca is holed up doing her final detailed line-by-line edit on my manuscript for THE EDGE OF THE WORLD. Brian has sent me his first cut of the completed JESSICA OF DUNE manuscript, which I'm now editing. PAUL OF DUNE is currently on its fourth week on the New York Times bestseller list.

Having gone to so many cities in eight states, I did not feel I should give short shrift to Colorado Springs and Denver, in my own state of Colorado. Last Friday I did my last formal signing in Colorado Springs with a very enthusiastic crowd, including one man who had driven all the way from Grand Junction (4-5 hours each way) to get his book signed. I gave away the last batch of PAUL t-shirts and a lot more gummi sandworms. Just today, I went to nine bookstores in the greater Denver area to sign their stock and meet the managers -- nearly 400 copies signed today.

And, as the weather turns with the end of October, I did manage to go out on a mountain hike this past weekend, summiting Geneva Mountain (12,300 ft), which was above the snow line. A great hike, sunny and cold. Now that I can stay home for a while, maybe it's time to get out the snowshoes.

-- KJA


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