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Major UK Deals for Hellhole and NewDune

Brian and I are pleased to announce a new British deal for our original SF epic, the Hellhole trilogy. The publisher will be Simon & Schuster UK, who has done such an incredible job making my "Saga of Seven Suns" an international bestseller. Together with Tor's US offer, this is the largest deal either of us has ever received for one of our original projects. Simon & Schuster UK will release my last "Seven Suns" novel, THE ASHES OF WORLDS, in July.

Simon & Schuster UK has also contracted for our next three DUNE novels -- JESSICA OF DUNE, IRULAN OF DUNE, and LETO OF DUNE. The novels will come out on approximately the same schedule as in the US -- JESSICA OF DUNE for fall 2009, the first HELLHOLE novel the following year, and so on. Brian and I will be the only science fiction authors in the S&S lineup.

Plans are currently being discussed to have me do a book-signing tour in England for the release of JESSICA -- more details as they become available. We are also putting together the stops for the PAUL OF DUNE tour in the US this September, which we'll post when the schedule is finalized.


The new MacMillan unabridged audio version of Frank Herbert's original DUNE has just won the Audie Award for best audiobook of 2007 in the science fiction category. In previous years, DUNE: THE BUTLERIAN JIHAD also won the Audie Award and DUNE: THE MACHINE CRUSADE was a final nominee.

I've just written a guest editorial for the Audible.com online newsletter about my experiences as an audiobook listener. Check it out.

-- KJA

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