Saturday, December 1, 2007


A Day in  the Life

Alarm goes off at 6:45 AM, watch the news, get coffee for me and Rebecca.

Check e-mail, work out for half an hour every day, make breakfast

9:00 AM review chapter notes for current book, go out with tape recorder and hike various trails while writing two chapters.

11:00 after completing two chapters, return to the office, check e-mail, answer phone calls.

Noon, lunch and meeting with Rebecca and other employees

Afternoon, edit chapters, proofread typeset galleys, research upcoming projects. More phone calls.

Evening, watch genre TV shows (hey, it's actually work a lot of times, I end up writing books for them)

Answer more e-mail, MySpace, business correspondence. Often reply to e-mail interview questions, possible phone or radio interviews.

10:30 read a book for a while

11:30 sleep

Seven days a week, with very few exceptions. That's the way to get the books done.

-- KJA

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