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Returning to Earth

Ten days on tour for THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON, and that wraps up my three months of traveling. I wish I'd been able to recover completely from my Australian cold, but the show must go on. I started in Denver, then Salt Lake City/Provo, then Reno (to be guest speaker at the National School Librarians Conference), then Phoenix, Madison, Detroit, Chicago, and Minneapolis. One fan came all the way from Toronto to Chicago for the signing and fortunately we were able to spend most of the day together, running around to many bookstores before the official evening signing. In Provo I met with a lot of fans and writer friends. In Madison I met with Tor editor Jim Frenkel for lunch and met my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mike (webmaster of the wordfire.com and dunenovels.com sites) for a pizza dinner, as well as my first bosses (at the Cactus Cafe), Larry and Shirley Gilbert.

Every day, my basic routine was to get up at 6 AM, get to the airport, fly somewhere, land at around 11:00 AM, get my luggage, meet the driver/escort, grab lunch (usually a Subway sandwich or something equally fast), go around to 8-13 bookstores to do drop-by signings, meet the managers, autograph their copies of KRYPTON, SANDWORMS OF DUNE, Seven Suns books, Star Wars books, and "Dune" books. I'd get to my hotel at about 4, check e-mail, take a shower, change clothes, get picked up at 6 for my 7 PM signing, go out to dinner afterward at around 8:30, return to the hotel room again by about 10 and go to sleep, then get up the next morning and start it all over again.

And throughout all this I was doing a full-fledged rewrite on my 750-page final Seven Suns novel.

Now, after doing publicity and signings for my books since the end of July, I am back home again and have quickly recovered from the lingering effects of the cold. I was pleased to see so many fans, some dressed as Star Wars characters, others eager to get their copies of SANDWORMS signed because they had missed the main tour with Brian and myself. I have now delivered the final manuscript to THE ASHES OF WORLDS, so I can be satisfied that the whole "Saga of Seven Suns" is complete, and I'll soon start the full-blown world building and outlining for TERRA INCOGNITA. In the meantime, I am editing the third-draft manuscript for PAUL OF DUNE and will be spending a few days with Brian in early December to go over revisions.

Believe it or not, that's a far more relaxed schedule than I've had for a very long time.

-- KJA

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